Marble bundt cake, rippled goodness

OK I think I may have cheated………………………………………on Lent that is, not my husband. For those who don’t know, it’s a tradition to abstain from things in your life for the 40 days before Easter, be it food stuffs, activities, gadgets etc. As children we always gave up sweets though come to think of it we rarely had sweets or money so it can’t have been too hard. As a rule you were always allowed to indulge in what you had given up for Lent on St. Patrick’s Day but as St. Patrick’s Day falls early in this years Lent and the fact that I know I will only be cheating myself, I have resolved to stay firm. These days it is much harder to give up things as my resolve is weaker and my sweet tooth is something to be challenged.

I have given up sweets, chocolate and biscuits and basically any bought sweet item. However as my blog is about mainly about baking I am allowing myself to bake at least once a week and to share the goodies with my family or colleagues or anyone who is willing to try them. Excuses, excuses you might say.

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So this weekend I was at home and the choice of cake/dessert fell to my parents. As usual, they didn’t mind what it was and I happened to remember an unusual tin we had at home that had arrived from Germany gratefully received from a one-time exchange student Carola Waltz and now family friend. I believe most people call it a bundt cake but we always knew it as a ‘Marmor Kuchen’. After years of use it was a little worse for wear. My last experience of using the tin would not have been blog worthy, where half the cake remained in the tin, so this time I needed to prepare.

The cake itself is quite simple and uses one mixture, one-half of which is favoured with chocolate. This is where the cheating comes in. I used cocoa which I always do in baking but I had less than an ounce available so I broke open a bar of 70% dark chocolate (out of date for about 1 year!!!) and melted seventy-five grams of it to add to the cake. I did not taste the melted chocolate but I did eat the cake and wow, was it good. This was the first time I had used melted chocolate in a marble cake but I was pleasantly surprised and loved the texture of the cake.


What I am listening to: This week it was to a fantastic Irish station that is usually only available online but is currently playing every weekend throughout Ireland. They have introduced me to so many new bands and music and with a lot less talking or sports.

Due the age of the tin I can’t tell the size/volume of the tin but below is my recipe which can be scaled to suit your own tin.

10 oz flour
10oz caster sugar
10oz softened butter
5 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
2 oz cocoa or 1 oz cocoa and 75g dark chocolate (add boiling water to cocoa until you have a smooth paste)

Preheat oven to 160C fan or 180C conventional
Grease the marmor kuchen or bundt tin with melted butter and flour.



  • Cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy.
  • Beat 1 egg and 1 tblsp of flour into the butter and sugar mixture.
  • Beat in the remaining eggs, 1 at a time until well combined.

Tip – I always beat this mixture for about 5 minutes until voluminous and light. Add another tablespoon of flour if you notice any curdling (i.e. the mixture separating due to the eggs and butter).

  • Sieve the remaining flour and baking powder into the mixture and fold in gently, to avoid losing any of the air.
  • Put 1/3 or ½ the mixture into a separate bowl (depending on preference) and add the cocoa and/or melted chocolate mixture. Fold in gently.
  • Put alternate spoons of the chocolate and plain mixture into the tin and swirl together using a knife.
  • Cook in preheated oven for 40 mins (more or less depending on your own oven) until a skewer or knife comes out clean.
  • Allow the cake to cool in the tin for 15 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack to cool.

All that is left to do is enjoy it. My Dad who doesn’t particularly like chocolate cake really enjoyed it.


I have plans to make a similar cake for my niece’s birthday next year with a Barbie sitting in the middle, using the cake as her dress. We’ll see how that works out!!!

So even though I think I cheated, and you may too, it was so worth it.

Until next time…………………………….

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4 thoughts on “Marble bundt cake, rippled goodness

    1. A mum of melted butter applied with an old paint brush, to get every nook and cranny, finished with a sprinkle of flour. Thanks for checking in.


  1. I notice you have butter in the recipe . I read somewhere that if you have butter in your recipe one should use oil to prepare the tin and vice versa if using oil in a cake , use butter to prepare the tin. I use a small bit of oil now with apple tarts though it’s hard to know if it is working as the tarts leak the apple juice and then set wet !


  2. I always use butter as afraid of the oil pooling, especially if it mixes with the flour. I must investigate the tip and try it some time though.


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