(I’m the little one in the blue dress).

I’m Annie and I am the fifth youngest in a family of 6 girls living and working in Ireland. I learnt all I know about cooking and baking from my mother who turned everything my dad grew in the garden into delicious dinners, cakes, jams and chutneys. We didn’t know what shop bought was for most things though a few rogue ingredients managed to wind their way in including dream topping to make ice-cream and a lemon meringue pie mix for which I can’t remember the name.

I love to bake. Any excuse, any time and any audience. I made my first Christmas cake aged ten and I haven’t stopped baking or cooking since.

I want to try and expand my knowledge and skills while at the same time sharing my most loved recipes and those that I manage to steal off my family.

I love everything from the 80’s so I’ll be sharing my favourite 80’s hits that I listen to while I bake.